Camelia Lambru Italian Wedding Awards founder and famous italian wedding planner in a mini-interview highlighted what are the benefits of wedding awards and why every professional shoud participate in them

✨ How in your opinion wedding awards changed the Italian Wedding market?

The purpose of the event, besides the mere awarding of the suppliers is to promote the Made in Italy through the wedding industry and to promote the destination wedding in italy. For this reason we have involved an international jury and we have also invited international wedding planners to create a network.
Moreover our suppliers have had the opportunity to confront each other and to see the point of view of international judges who helped to improve their activity and think out of the box and be more openmind.

✨ What are the main advantages of Awards for the market and its participants?

The IWA badge is a guarantee of quality, professionalism for brides because the suppliers have been judged by a Jury.
Since last year we have also insert the regional semifinals, so the participants are judged first online, then by an Italian regional jury and finally by an international jury.
For the participants , IWA opened a network, because winning (or just being among the nominees) a national award leads to opportunities to work with other wedding professionals all across the country. Gala Dinner is also a moment to create relationships.

✨ Why do you think a professional wedding awards is good for any wedding market?

The feedback since now from the participants from the past editions it was very very positive and encouraged us to continue ( we are now at the 4th edition) and to improve with every edition and we want to give more value and content and help companies to increase their business.

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