We are delighted to announce that famous Italian chef Enzo Neri joined Awards’ Juri team.

“These days TV, brochures and social media often show dream weddings in spectacular locations. But what is really behind all that scenography? With this award event we would understand more what is to become a wedding planners and what actually is happening during the whole process. Organising a wedding is definitely tiring, it is not just putting a simple bow on a napkin or choosing the most suitable color for the bride. There are many valuable skills and acknowledgements, from the marketing notions to the design of the event, the stylistic choice, the graphics, the choice of flowers, the lights, the soundtrack of the wedding, the choice of the food and of course the creation of a unique wedding cake. The award would give credit and recognitions to the most creative and reliable ones and it would allow to enforce more and more professionalism in the growing market,” – said Sr. Neri.

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