DEC 5th


5th December 2019, Tbilisi, Georgia

The first Georgian awards for wedding professionals



Market Awareness

Wedding Awards event will help rise awareness about booming destination wedding market in Georgia.

Involve People

Wedding Stars Awards will warm up interest towards Georgian wedding industry and will help people to get involved.

Rise Quality

Our mission is to create new quality standards on the local wedding market, to showcase the best achievements of wedding industry and to create a professional wedding community.

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Natela Potskhveria
«Every initiative in Georgia aiming to develop one or another business sphere - is a joy for me. I really want that more and more truly useful projects appear in my beloved country. I believe that Wedding Stars Awards is one of such useful projects for the wedding market. I am happy to be invited to the first Jury of the Awards and I promise to judge honestly and fairly. I hope that this Awards and other similar initiatives will serve as a motivation to all market players to grow and develop»
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Enzo Neri
«These days TV, brochures and social media often show dream weddings in spectacular locations. But what is really behind all that scenography? With this award event we would understand more what is to become a wedding planners and what actually is happening during the whole process. Organising a wedding is definitely tiring, it is not just putting a simple bow on a napkin or choosing the most suitable color for the bride. There are many valuable skills and acknowledgements, from the marketing notions to the design of the event, the stylistic choice, the graphics, the choice of flowers, the lights, the soundtrack of the wedding, the choice of the food and of course the creation of a unique wedding cake. The award would give credit and recognitions to the most creative and reliable ones and it would allow to enforce more and more professionalism in the growing market»
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Evgenia Lampadova
"Georgia today is a very popular destination not only among tourists but also between people who intend to get married or celebrate other special event in their lives. This happened not only because of stunning natural beauty or delicious food, but also thanks to the fact that a whole industry of event and ceremonies planners has been formed ready to meet any client request. I'm very glad, that this year wedding professionals in Georgia will be awarded for the first time. I am very happy to be part of this great initiative!"
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Natali Barnabishvili
"Wedding Stars Awards is a great motivation for the whole wedding industry in Georgia that is quickly developing in the recent years. Such initiatives create healthy competition on the market that benefits the general business environment. I wish good luck to all the nominees!"
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Emma Matevosian
"I am glad that such projects appear in Georgia. TOday, Georgian wedding market is growing and quickly developing. Wedding Stars Awards will be a great platform as for big comapnies ready to show their achievements so for those who are just entering the market. I am very happy to be invitied in the Jury of the Awards and wish a good luck to all the contestants"
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Andria Qurasbediani
"Many thanks to the team of Wedding Stars Awards for organizing this event. I believe that the more such competitions we will have in Georgia the better it will be for businesses in order to motivate them to work better and offer even better srvice to their clients and go out of the comfort zone. I want to notice the aim of fair judjment with Jury consisting of great professionals. I am grateful for being invitied to be part of the Jury team and I promise to be critical and fair in my work. It is necessary so in the future we will have better results in the areas of hospitality, service and wedding industry offering in Georgia only the best. "
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Zura Shevardnadze
"It is obvious that we definitely should participate in any projects that bring joy and beauty to people's life!"
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Jury members

MEET THE Jury Board

The objectivity of the Award is guaranteed by independent jury consisting of representatives of different business and social areas. Evaluation of the nomination will be done according to the methodology and award criteria developed by the Expert council.

Nincho Jibladze

Editor-in-Chief, OK!

Yana Bendeliani

Make-up artist

Gio Kardava


Nincho Jibladze

Editor-in-Chief, OK!

Camelia Lambru


Tamara Gigola



Shift your perspective on Georgian wedding market

Boost your brand on the highly competitive market! Be creative and innovative to offer the best to your clients and get acclaimed by professionals.

SCHEDULE DETAILS Information of Event Schedules

Wedding Stars Awards will evaluate and award projects realized from November, 1st 2018 to October 15th, 2019. The deadline for application - November 1st, 2019. Gala Ceremony of Wedding Stars Awards will take place on the December, 5th, 2019 in Tbilisi!

Step 1

ზურა შევარდნაძე

Read nominations descriptions and rules

Choose nominations to apply to and carefully read registration rules and assessment criteria.

Step 2

ზურა შევარდნაძე

Create portfolio of the current season

Work at weddings during season 2019 and gather the best portfolio you can.

Step 3

ზურა შევარდნაძე

Prepare presentation

Make proper presentation of your work according to the chosen nominations rules

Step 4

ზურა შევარდნაძე

Apply for nominations

Register your application online, pay registration fee and attach your presentation.

01.11 - 15.11

ზურა შევარდნაძე

Expert Council

Expert council will teach jury board members the methodology of objective assessment

15.11 - 01.12

ზურა შევარდნაძე

Jury board work

Jury members perform applications assessment and winners evaluation

05.12.2019 19-00 Wednesday
Gala awards to the winners

Wedding Stars Awards

Gala awards to the winners

Attend the awards gala ceremony to find out the results and winners names

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